What can we learn?

The clock from the waiting room at the hospital the other day was frozen…

My husband and I laughed because of course that’s where time seems to typically stand still, right?

It just seems much more fitting today, in light of recent events… We are all feeling time standing still as we wait. We are all being FORCED to practice the pause. Our norm has been disrupted.

But what can we LEARN during this pause?

How can we use this to make us better? We are truly fools if we only complain, groan, and panic rather than use this experience to evaluate and do better.

May we have wisdom that brings clarity and through that wisdom our FAITH be stronger than our FEARS. May our clarity of mind be driven by HOPE! We will be telling this story for years to future generations. What lessons will come from it? And what memories can be made in the process?

Temporary hold


Time standing still

New normal

How many times have we shook our heads over the last 48 hours? Questioned? Tried to make sense?! I know for me it’s been countless.

The questions surrounding us are endless. We can’t control all that’s happening around us but we can control our actions and reactions.

For me, this is where faith truly comes into play. It’s where in the uncertainties we must rely on the one who is certain and unchanging.

So here’s what I plan to do and challenge you to join me…

Pray for wisdom above all.

Pray for our country’s leadership. Pray for wisdom in how we approach each day and the decisions we make for our own families. Pray for families who already battle medical worries on a daily basis. Pray that we are able to see needs and meet needs as we go through this together.

May through that wisdom our FAITH be stronger than our FEARS. May we have clarity of mind that is driven in hope and not fear.

May we have peace in knowing “everything is gonna be alright!

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