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While I’ve learned that I cannot “fix” everyone’s problems, I do feel I can use my voice and experiences to empower them to dive deeper into who they truly are, and to see their worth. I want someone to be able to say, “because I knew her, I found myself”. She encouraged me to dream. She lifted me up. And she inspired me to follow my heart.

To be successful, you must fall in love with what you do!

I’ve never wanted to do what everyone else was doing, or to be who everyone else was. Yet I struggled with the insecurities of worrying about what others think. Talk about struggle. I have never fit into that “BOX”, yet worrying about the opinions of others, put me in that dang box. It’s ok to take risks and fly by the seat of your pants. Remember, to be successful, you must fall in love with what you do! Not what anyone else is doing. The difference that you’re making. The calling that you have!


The friendships and connections have become even more important than the extra income that I earn every month. Mauria's process is amazing!

Lauren M. Idaho

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