Tips for Moms Who Work From Home

As a working mom, it’s important to us that we find a good work-life balance. That doesn’t change when we are graced with the opportunity to set up shop in our own homes. Though it’s a beautiful blessing, it can also be a real struggle to find a good rhythm between work-you and mom-you. Who could blame us? It’s hard to concentrate when you have a toddler playing on the floor of your home office, or can hear the giggles of your school age children from the backyard. It takes a lot of self discipline, but it’s not impossible. That’s why I’ve outlined four tips for every momma working from her own home!

#1. Make a schedule.

Especially during the summer, it’s is imperative that you make a workday schedule for yourself. If you are able to work during nap time or any other downtime (this includes bedtime), then work around that. If, however, you have to work during the regular business hours, then a schedule will be your saving grace. Have a set time for meals and breaks where you can spend time with your kiddo. If your child is older, then a schedule can be more or less a guideline; the older they are, the more they can entertain themselves without destroying everything.

#2. No house chores during work hours.

Please, for the sake of your own sanity, do NOT do those dishes or fold that laundry when you should be working. Do it during a break you have set for yourself, before your workday starts, or after it ends. Once you start finding things around the house you want to do, it quickly takes over your priorities. Next thing you know, you’re down on your elbows and knees scrubbing the bottom of the bathtub and your phone is ringing off the hook.

#3. It’s okay to ask for help; there’s nothing wrong with temporarily “getting rid of” your kid(s).

By that, I mean playdates, hanging out with a sibling, etc. If your work load is outrageous, then crack down! Send your little one to a friend’s house to play for a couple hours while you tackle your work. If you need help, a break – whatever, then just ask! You don’t have to be a superhero and risk your mental health and sanity.

#4. Know you’re doing a great job!

Being a mom can be emotionally and physically trying. Being a working mom can feel even more challenging — but it is an amazing, wonderful opportunity that opens up doors of limitless possibilities and plenty of family bonding time. You’ll have great days and not-so-great days — but in every day, you need to remember that you’re killing it, and your kids will love and appreciate you for being such a superstar momma!

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