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Steps to Take to Live the Life You Want Now

We all want something in our lives. It could be something small, like a good garden patch this year, or something much, much bigger, like a lifetime of financial security. Neither of these things, or any of the things in between, are bad or silly; if it’s important to you, then it is important. The question now, is how do we achieve the things that we want? How do we make our lives inherently better?

Well, there is no real formula, because no single person is like the other; we are shaped by our desires, our experiences, and that creates a completely unique individual. We may all be different, but like I said, everyone’s wants are valid. That makes for a whole lot of wanting, doesn’t it? I can offer up only advice, a few guidelines, perhaps, to help you live the life you truly want.

#1. Know what you want.

That’s easy enough, right? Well… No, not really. It’s difficult to filter out what you want versus what you think you want based on what others want for you. It’s a little more confusing now, isn’t it? Truth be told, I didn’t know what I wanted for a long time, and ended up running around in circles, getting nowhere but exhausted. Once you figure out what you want — what you truly want, then you’ll start attracting the people, things, and the opportunities that will help you achieve it.

#2. Believe it’s possible.

This is equally as important as knowing what you want, because without believing that your dreams are attainable, then you don’t have anything. You might be telling yourself something isn’t possible, like losing that weight, or picking up that hobby — but it is! We as humans literally have potential to do anything!

#3. Take control.

This might involve a little bit more tough love than you might want to admit, but it definitely is a key to making everything fall into place. You can’t believe that your life is in the hands of anyone but yourself; you need to take one hundred percent responsibility for your life and the vents that take place in it. Work, education, money, cars, relationships — all of it. Bad things might happen, but that doesn’t you or I take it lying down. We could look at it as a tragedy, or take the problem by the horns and ride it into oblivion. We run ourselves. No one else.

Remember, these are only tips from one individual (and I certainly don’t claim to be a guru in any subject), so I can’t guarantee anything; but you own your future, and you can accomplish any dreams and any goals you set for yourself. You can be happy, you can get what you want in life. You DESERVE it.

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