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Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS?  You mean like ALWAYS ALWAYS?  
Rejoice when there’s so much uncertainty?
Rejoice when I’m broken to the core?
Rejoice when I’m on my knees praying for healing?
Rejoice when I know healing is not even something to ask for?
Rejoice when my anxiety is so high that I can’t even breathe?
Rejoice when the worry is so much I can’t even sleep?

Seriously, you want me to REJOICE?

Friends, I’ve gotta tell you.  I feel this tug on my heart to share now more than ever where I was exactly one year ago today.  Because where so many of you are TODAY is exactly where I have been.  Yes we are all in different boats I get it I get it.  But those days were dark.  They were anxiety filled.  I was scared out of my mind.  Going to sleep each night was filled with fears.  I was consumed with social media posts that basically told me my child was doomed for life or that he could die at any moment.   I was emotionally paralyzed. I didn’t know how to keep going.  But yet I had to get up each day and do just that.  I had 4 kids that needed me.  An army of people who relied on me to LEAD them.  And heck a husband that was just as broken and needed me to pull it together.  And then I dealt with the guilt of not being all that I wanted to be to the people I love the most.  It was a vicious cycle.  

And I made it through.  God walked me through.  He walked us through.  He worked in us so he could work THROUGH us.  So I can’t just sit and watch my friends fall apart and not say a word.  I feel your heaviness. So can I help you walk through it?  

Here’s what I found about that “rejoice” thing.  

It’s remembering who holds the future.
It’s crying out to Him because you know He’s where your strength comes from.
It’s admitting you cant do it on your own.
It’s remembering what He’s walked you through before.
It’s recognizing what He is providing for you RIGHT NOW!
It’s allowing Him to provide peace for you.
It’s asking Him for wisdom rather than the noise of this world guiding you.
It’s confidence that He exists, He cares, and that you will not stop believing.
It’s relinquishing the control to the God who is in control.  

And for me….often rejoicing meant blaring worship music in my ears and going on really long runs.

Rejoicing isn’t a FEELING….it’s a CHOICE!  
The more we believe in His control the more we relinquish our control.  

Friends….pray for eyes to see the goodness of God.  You will SEE it.  He’s still right here.  His hand is within reach.  He went before and He stands behind.  TRUST THAT and draw NEAR.  

Psalm 56:3 When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.
Psalm 124:8 Our help is I’m the name of the Lord, the maker of Heaven and earth
Psalm 125:2 The Lord surrounds his people both now and forevermore.

Love you guys!!!!

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