Rambling Voice to Text Thoughts with Mauria this morning!

So I want to talk to you today about the seeds that we plant in our hearts and in our mind. Don’t you just love that little time hop app and memories section of your Facebook notifications where it takes you back in time to see what you were posting about, and what were you commenting on?! It reminds us how we spend our days on social media doesn’t it?!  I enjoy looking back at photos that I’ve saved in my phone. When I’m on the airplane I’ll go through my photos to see all the pictures of my kids and the memories that we’ve created, as well as the quotes that I’ve taken a screenshot of, and prayers that I’ve entered into my phone. One of the neatest things is to actually look back and see where our friends and family are today. I love seeing the prayers that were prayed and answered, and the challenges that we faced which we overcame. I will continue to plant the seeds that allow God to use me to bless others. I will not stop! I will give each day all that I have to give! I will remain laser focused!!

I think a lot of people look at successful people and think that it truly happened overnight and in reality the success that they are experiencing right now began a very long time ago. You recently saw a post of me retiring my husband, although rather than retired I should probably use the word “rewired”. Do you know that the seed of actually retiring my husband had been planted by my friend Julie years and years ago when she talked about a book that was called, “How to Retire Your Husband”.  I never bought the book and never read it, but obviously something was planted into my mind that day that it just might be possible. Trust me, I haven’t always been one filled with positive thoughts every day. Each day presents it’s on challenge as to where I let my mind go, “do I focus on the negative and the challenges or do I focus on the blessings in the positive?”. I will tell you that overtime with a conscious effort and great mentors in my life, I’ve been able to bring that ratio of positive over negative far greater, and in return my life is reflecting just that.

Here’s what I want to challenge you all to do. I want you to take today, and I want you to let your passion drive you. I want you to see where you and your family want to be. Where do you want to be in a year? Where do you want to be in five years? What are your long-term goals? We live in such an instant gratification society that people think if they try something and don’t see immediate results, that it’s not going to happen for them. Honestly that couldn’t be further from the truth. Anything worth having takes time friends, it takes consistency, it takes passion, it takes drive, and it requires overcoming obstacles. Everyone will tell you when you reach that point, that it was worth every step of the way. So what if it takes you a year to get to where you want to be, so what if it takes you two years, or even five years.

There’s only so much I can share with you, but please know if someone had told me we would be where we are two years ago, I don’t know that I could’ve believed it being possible. It would’ve sounded amazing, but likely it would have scared me to death. While we are still the exact same people we were two years ago, we are humbled and we are grateful, and we have created options not only for ourselves but for hundreds and thousands of families. The time and the sacrifices have been absolutely worth it. I will continue to make sacrifices to plant the seeds to allow God to use me to bless others. We never know what will be presented to us.

Since I was a teenager I prayed that God would use my voice to bless others. I honestly thought he may do that through music, however today it’s not through music. It’s through a vehicle that was presented to me when I least expected. I am eternally grateful that I did not allow myself to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. We will all have different goals and we will all have different vehicles that take us to the place where those goals turn into dreams that come true! Without a goal, there isn’t a possibility for dreams to come true. Speak life. You deserve it. You were created to thrive, and you were not created to struggle. Allow the seeds to be planted that can lead you to a life with options and that can put you in a position to give back to others. We only have one life to live right?
PS. We’ve been encouraged to dream since we were little. Remember watching Walt Disney movies when we were young? It was the world that told us we could no longer dream and that we had to fall into a certain mold. Well guess what?! You can be a part of the world where you change what you’re allowed to dream. God invites us to pray bold prayers.  It actually honors him to make goals and to be consistent daily. Pursue your passion and over time your dreams will come true. I’m thankful that while I know I alone cannot change the world, I sure can act on something that starts the ripple….and together we can create the EXPLOSION!


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