I’m Done!

My mind is blown as we just closed our biggest week in history as a team! It’s crazy to think that our numbers are a reflection of how many people have started, are continuing, and are sharing their experience! We have more stories that are being created daily, friends!!! Do you all even realize what it means to be a part of this moment, and in this movement???

Here are some questions I have to ask of you, and I want you to be brutally honest with yourself! Does the thought of making a mistake, the thought of what other people might say, the thought of failure have you sidelined watching all of this happen? Does it have you bummed, resentful, jealous?? Or does all of this have you so fired up, so motivated that come heck or high water, you WILL NOT let this opportunity pass you by??

Here’s the deal….this moment is HERE!! It’s happening….and it will either happen WITH YOU or WITHOUT YOU!!!

Here’s the other reality….you have a fresh start that began today! What have you done already TODAY?

Friends….it’s time to divide! You have to draw the line between you and the who, what, when, where, why, but, whatever is holding you back!

Why? Because if not, you’re honestly going to be kicking yourself!! If you’re honest with yourself, if you do not seize this opportunity, you’re going to be saying “what the heck was I thinking?”.

Here’s what I want you to do…..
Right now…..
Say it out loud!!!

I’M DONE!!!!

I’m Done! Over it! I will NOT settle for anything but giving my all! I know that giving anything less than my best is to sacrifice this gift and, the blessing that has been given to me! I will accept this GIFT! I will accept that I am worthy and deserving of it and how it has been given to me as an opportunity to create a lifelong change for me and my family!!

What is your goal?

Friends….listen up! Without a goal you will wonder aimlessly!


Have your goal in sight! It must be in plain sight or you will drift!! No one has ever hit the bullseye without aiming for it!

Next, don’t just set the goal….you have to have an all out passionate desire to reach that goal!!!

Here’s the deal….today I answer to no one regarding my time schedule other than my husband and my children! I say that with humbleness and appreciation because had I not said YES to going all in this would not be the case! I say it proudly because the options I have today were not handed to me! They are options I have created myself! My husband and I have created these options for ourselves despite failures, sacrifices and obstacles. We ran with a “I have to do this every single day with every single thing I have and can’t sleep until it’s done confidence”, to create this life of options.

Friends, if your desire is in the right place and you work daily to help others because you KNOW that’s the way to achieve the life you desire…you will not fail! Will you have hiccups? Absolutely! Will you have road blocks? Absolutely! Will you fall down? You better believe it! But know this…the things you overcome will make you stronger and will equip you with a bigger heart to help others overcome the same!

Here is my challenge for you….set a goal to go to bed every night knowing you gave the day your best!!! Make it a point to cross off those daily accountability goals! Run every day with confidence because it doesn’t matter what anyone says, you know what you know…you know the truth…and you have surrounded yourselves with people who also know the truth! Keep your eye on the prize and know the that prize is obtained by helping others. Make a commitment not to watch this moment pass you buy, but to take this moment by the horns and make it YOURS! Whatever you do, do not let anyone else steal your joy! More importantly, do not let someone else’s opinions cause you to miss out on what could possibly be the biggest blessing of your life! Run! Run hard! Help Others! Don’t sacrifice the gift!

~Mauria Dillard

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