Freedom Can Be Yours Too

My name is Mauria Dillard and this is my Experience. An experience I want others to have!

When I finally made the decision to learn more about this whole “life changing” product in October of 2013, I was a tired exhausted mom of 4 who was incredibly frustrated that I could NOT get myself out of this “funk” that I was in! I’ve always been a driven, upbeat, energetic person, but something wasn’t right and I wasn’t myself! I made the decision that something had to CHANGE, and I owed it to my family to give it a chance.

I placed my first order as a customer….because I had ZERO desire to join a business! Who has time for that?

Day 1: I loved how simple the product line was! Simple! Genius!

Day 4: This was the day that changed our future! I felt like ME again! Mauria was back! I had that focused productive energy and I honestly felt better than I had in years! I knew I HAD to share this! How could I honestly keep this a secret? People in my life needed this!

On October 30th in 2013, I started sharing what I had found with friends and family and the product continued to live up to it’s expectation, which allowed my business to grow! I was excited to achieve the first few incentives and was able to pay for Christmas 100% with my commissions and bonuses. Today, we have grown into a multi-million dollar team that changes lives on a daily basis.

That number says to me….and should say to everyone else….what we’ve found is NOT a fluke or a fad or the “next best thing! It is changing lives and therefore creating a MOVEMENT. A movement that is quite frankly unstoppable.

I always say that this journey for me has truly been a journey of freedom! Physical freedom, Time Freedom, and Financial freedom have become a reality for my family. Physical freedom was the initial goal when I reached out and trusted my friend. Time freedom became a reality as I replaced my income as a speech language pathologist within my 5th month, and went on to retire my husband in 2015! Financial freedom has been experienced in wiping the slate clean of debts, including college student loans.

While my life has been blessed beyond what I could have ever imagined, the sweetest part of this entire journey is seeing the lives I get to play a role in impacting. I’ve always known I was called to do something BIG! For years I’ve prayed for God to “use me!”

Through this incredible journey of helping others and seeing their transformation, I get to fulfill my calling! I have certainly found my purpose. I have not only been able to share my experience in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, but there’s a new movement in Australia and New Zealand as well. And Mexico soon! I’ve been placed in a position to aspire others to be more and to dream again! I’ve found an opportunity that regardless of background, education level, and how much money someone does or doesn’t have in the bank, they can truly be successful if they just have a passion for people! I am so thankful for the sweet friends and family who have trusted me…and followed me….and share the same desire that I do to reach others!

Today, I am so glad that the dreams and the goals for me and my family were far bigger than winning anyone’s approval! I share this because you will face opposition when doing something to better yourself. Don’t let others opinion influence the goals you have for you and your family!

I want to help you reach your goals! Let’s do this together and make 2016 a life changing year! Happy New Year!

If you would like to know more, subscribe below, and I’ll be sure to be in touch!

-Mauria Dillard

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